Does the biltong box come with a light?

Yes, the biltong box does now come with a light. A light is traditionally used to create air ventilation. The biltong box uses 2 fans for more efficient ventilation. The light is more for keeping with tradition than necessity.

Would the biltong box be better with a light?

No, as air is constantly ventilated in the biltong box with a dual fan system a light is essentially ineffective. But we have added a light as its fun.

I’ve seen other designs with lights are they better?

Traditionally a light would be placed at the bottom of the biltong box which would heat up the air. The air would rise to the top and escape through ventilation. Some designs have a light at the top which completely defeats the point of having a light. A light on the bottom of the biltong box would to some minor degree add to the ventilation but as the fan is so efficient the light would be a waste of energy.

Does the heat from a light not cook the biltong?

No the heat from the light is purely for ventilation. Cold air is often better for making biltong as there’s less humidity in cold air, hence why traditionally biltong was made in winter months.


Where should I keep my biltong box?

The kitchen counter is a great place, but if that is not an option then a dry environment.

Where should I keep my biltong box?

The kitchen counter is a great place, but if that is not an option then a dry environment.

Can I keep the biltong box outside?

Although there has been multiple success in making biltong outside unpredicted rain and excessive sun can make it difficult. You do not want any direct sun on the biltong box and obviously rain is not good for dehydration. The short answer is no, do not make biltong outside unless it can’t be avoided.

Can I keep the biltong box in the garage / shed?

Yes, provided its not filled with saw dust. If you have a clean garage its a great place to make biltong.

Can I keep the biltong box in the bathroom?

No, the bathroom is not a good place to make biltong for many reasons. Shower humidity and toilet rituals should not be ventilated through the biltong box.


How much biltong can I make?

There are currently 2 biltong box sizes available. The medium and the large. The medium has been designed for personal usage. It takes 1kg with ease which is a great for personal use and sharing with the occasional friends. The large can biltong box can take 3kg which is great if people are coming over once a week.


How much am I saving?

Roughly speaking, if you purchase 100 grams of biltong from the supermarket it is $7. Purchasing 1kg of silver beef eye is about $15. Add the spices and vinegar at a maximum or $5. 1kg makes about 600 grams of biltong and 600 grams from the supermarket is $60. [$60/($15+5)*100%= 300%]
(NOTE: These prices are definatly outdated)


Does the biltong box dehydrate other foods?

You can place other foods and dehydrate them, but the biltong box has been design to specifically to dehydrate meat and to do that better. You can certainly hang fruit but to dehydrate fruit efficiently you need a dehydrating tray.

Does the biltong box have a dehydrating tray?

While there are products that have trays for dehydrating fruit you would be better off with a food dehydrator to do this. Food dehydrators have great trays and are designed to dry more rapidly. There maybe some future investigation in this area but we stick to what we are good at and will only release a drying tray if we are totally satisfied with it

How does the biltong box differ from a food dehydrator?

Food dehydrators dry out meat too quickly to make good biltong. They great for making dried fruit but not great for biltong.


Does the biltong box protect against bugs and flies?

Yes it does. The smell of the biltong is released through the fan. If there is a brave insect that wishes to have some biltong they have to battle through the fans of death. If they get through that then they might deserve a little taste followed by a rapid death.


Do you post Internationally?

No, (not really) while we previously shipped internationally we have decided to focus on Australia to avoid complications. We have shipped to USA, Canada, Thailand and the UK and can do so on special request but not by default, please contact us via the contact form if you wish to discuss further. Please note that international shipping is roughly $100+ and we are not responsible for import taxes etc.


Who is responsibile for the safety or your product and its production?

This product is used entirely at your risk, we take no responsibility for how this product is used


Why is this the best biltong box available?

The biltong box has been developed over a number of years with the belief of quality 1st. With this in mind the biltong box has undergone a few designs to establish the best quality box and the best quality production. As a home cook you should achieve a standard of biltong that rivals your nearest South African Butcher.

Is my South African Butcher going to go out of business?

Initially it seemed that this might be the case, but in reality you will get your quality meat and spices from your butcher and continually sample their biltong, because there can never be enough biltong.